EMG-02 German Edition

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– Unit ships with one (1) EMG-02 gun German Version, one (1) hard carrying case, one (1) battery pack, one (1) battery charger, one (1) 15-round magazine (MG15A), as well as ten (10) 51634 armatures.

The German Edition comes with a limited Power of 0.49 Joule. Qualified Gunmakers can change this to the original 22 Joule or to 7.5 Joule. 

Enter the World of Coilguns as one of the first People. Impress other Airsoft gamers with this System straight of a ScyFi Movie. 

We are offering also custom magnetic plastic bullets compatible to the System. 
Safety is our highest Priority.  

The Arcflash Labs EMG-02 German Edition (Electro-Magnetic Gun – 02) is a 10 stage medium voltage capacitor augmented fully automatic coilgun.

It features 8 computer optically controlled stages and 2 booster stages, allowing the accelerator to fire up to 13 rounds per second (burst) at velocities up to 75m/s*.

*The German Edition is limited to 0.49 Joule. 

The EMG-02 is configured to fire variable caliber steel armatures (dowel pins) between 6-8mm in diameter and between 19-22mm in length.  Arcflash Labs recommends the use of 51634, 51678, or 2575 Magnetic Armatures, but any ferromagnetic dowel pin (between 6-8mm in diameter and between 19-22mm in length) should work.

The EMG-02 is shipped with a single stacked 15 round (MG15A) magazine, and can also accept EMG-01B magazines (MG18), as well as the larger MG15XL magazine.  The gun also ships with a 15S Lithium-Ion (drill) battery pack (and associated charger) which can provide power for over 300 shots before needing to recharge.

Additional batteries can be purchased from many retail or online establishments. The EMG-02 should accept any 60v flexvolt compatible battery. One example of a 60v EMG-02 compatible battery can be found on Amazon.

ccelerator Specifications

Primary power source 1x 15S LiIon – 63V
Power supply Proprietary (11kW)
Capacitors 1x MV electrolytic
Switches Proprietary (IGBT-based)
Projectile variable caliber
Magazine Capacity 15-18 rounds
Battery Capacity Up to 300 shots per battery
Rate of fire 8.0 rounds/sec (auto) 13 rounds/sec (burst)
Muzzle velocity Up to 75 m/s
Muzzle energy Up to 0.49J
Efficiency 4.45%

Physical Dimensions

Barrel length 13.0”
Bore 0.32”
Physical Dimensions 32.5” x 9.0” x 4.5”
Overall Weight (unloaded, no battery) 4,8 Kg